Home Visit Questions


Do I need to prepare for my home visit?

Dr. Kelly comes bearing treats but if you have a special diet for your pet make sure you have it on hand.  Previous medical records are handy but not necessary.  Any spot that your pet is comfortable will do nicely for the visit.  If your cat hides when visitors come, make sure they are somewhere they can't seek hide under a bed or other furniture.

What services can be done in a house?

Exams, non critical blood work and urinalysis, chronic disease monitoring such as diabetes and thyroid conditions, and evaluations of lumps. Wound care and minor procedures can also be performed. Acupuncture, laser, and therapeutic exercises for neurological and orthopedic conditions. Anal glands, ear cleanings and nail trims can be done.

What cannot be done at a house call?

Significant emergencies, dentals, and major procedures need to be done at a clinic.  X-rays also need to be performed at a brick and mortar facility. 

Is surgery available through you?

Two options are available for surgery.  The first is work with your current clinic and have them perform procedures or Dr. Kelly has a trusted clinic in which she can refer you too.

If I have an emergency who do I call?

Fort Collins Emergency and Rehabilitaion Hospital at 970-484-8080 

Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists at 970-800-1106 

What if my pet needs x-rays?

Dr. Kelly has relationships with several clinics along the front range to get x-rays done.  Those clinics will then e-mail them to her for evaluation.