About Dr. Kelly Rohn


Dr. Kelly graduated from Colorado State University in 2001.  She also has special certifications in both acupuncture and physical medicine (similar to physical therapy in humans).  

Why a House Call Practice?

Most pets are more comfortable at home.  Wellness, chronic disease monitoring, most diagnostics, and even small surgical procedures can all be done at home.  Orthopedic and neurological conditions can be evaluated  at home to see how changes can be made to improve mobility.  Lastly, a more personal experience with client and patient.

More about Dr. Kelly ...

Dr. Kelly is married to Dave, her husband of 25 years.  She has 2 teen children, Kyle and Marek.  Her furry kids include 2 cats - Tattoonie and Shadow, 2 dogs, Molly(pictured) and Ruby, and 2 horses, Syrah and Buddy.  Her hobbies include horseback riding, running, and skiing.  Also, enjoying time with her family.